Leave the decorations and stress to us...

When you’re trying to plan a party, the first thing you need is a theme, right? The second is how to decorate. That’s where we come in. AHH Decor’s mission is to help alleviate some of that stress.


Growing up with a big family and being a stay at home mom, I’ve been to my fair share of parties. The parties seemed to stay the same, but one thing always stood out..DECORATIONS! But here’s the thing, you’re either paying an arm and a leg for a party planner or too exhausted from doing it yourself. After speaking with other moms, it was clear that something needed to change. Thats when I decided to be that change. 


Our goal is to custom plan your party to fit your budget. Unlike other companies, AHH Decor welcomes and incorporates the client's ideas, and helps bring them to life. If that means handmade cake stands, we got ‘em. Custom colors or prints, we won’t stop searching! We’ve teamed up with Sweet Story CO. for all our dessert options, and they don’t just look pretty, they taste amazing too! So next time you’re planning a party...

let AHH Decor do it for you! 

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